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Tue, Jan. 18th, 2011, 11:08 pm
kutira: After all this time...

Amazon.com has been having a sale on Season 1 on DVD; over Black Friday, they had Season 2, also, but I hesitated. When I went back, I got Season 1 for only $14.99. I'm watching it for the first time since at least 15 years ago right now. What I am disappointed with is that although it's on DVD, it's not remastered. Very poor quality. Oh well. And have you tried looking for the soundtrack on CD? I have a cassette and no way to play it. Last time I checked the CD was like $200.

Hope you're doing well, jadzia!

Tue, Mar. 20th, 2007, 12:32 pm
jadzia77: Important announcement...

W00T W00T! *jumps up and down, dances and laughs like a maniac*

Studios have confirmed! Season two is coming out July 10th!


Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007, 02:23 pm
jadzia77: More WAVs...

I'm going to look for screencap-worthy scenes tonight... which shouldn't be too hard to find. The only thing I am NOT happy with, is that through ALL 22 episodes of the first season, they only kiss ONCE, and it's at the END of the LAST episode, and you barely see it. They did this editing effect that you just see their transparent silhouettes... but I'll try to make a decent screencap out of it anyway. Maybe even a background... and I finally made some icons. To Kutira: if you wouldn't mind, I'm going to try thinking of some pictures to make animated ones, but I don't have the program, so if you wouldn't mind? Anyway, here's a couple more WAVs:

This first one, Mouse had gotten caught above ground by some security guards while trying to sneak some plastique explosive because there was construction going on which threatened the world Below, and Mouse was trying to help. Catherine had to get him out of there and this is their return Below and Father gives Mouse a talking to; it's kinda cute. The next one is another thing of Vincent quoting from somewhere, same episode. The name of the quote is also the name of the episode.


Mon, Mar. 12th, 2007, 12:54 pm
jadzia77: IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!!!

I know, I announced the upcoming January release last year, and haven’t made any updates since. Well, here’s an update complete with WAVs and pictures: 


Fri, Nov. 3rd, 2006, 03:01 am

Paramount studios has confirmed the release of Season 1 of Beauty and the Beast! Read all about it here: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6568

Wed, Nov. 1st, 2006, 10:06 pm

One of my very early fandoms was "Beauty and the Beast." I could have kicked myself for not attending a Creation convention back in the day. I own an episode guide and everything on video, but now I see it's coming out on DVD--cool! I can't wait. I need to search for a decent icon for this place, but for now I'll stick to my vampire one.

Hope we can recruit some die-hards,


Wed, Nov. 1st, 2006, 03:04 pm
jadzia77: IT'S COMING TO DVD!!! IT'S COMING!!!

Paramount, while not having 'officially' announced the release yet, is going to release the Beauty & the Beast series on DVD very soon!


Sat, Sep. 17th, 2005, 03:24 pm
jadzia77: (no subject)

I found these quotes from the show on IMDB, and thought you might wanna take a look:

Memorable Quotes from
"Beauty and the Beast" (1987)
Father: Is she awake?
Vincent: Yes. She's very frightened.
Father: How could you bring a stranger down here? To where we live! You ignored our most important rule.
Vincent: I know that. But there was no other way.
Father: Do you know what they'd do if they caught you up there? Or found you down here? They'd kill you. Or put you behind bars and make you wish you were dead. How could you?
Vincent: How could I have turned my back on her, and left her there?


Father: [To Vincent] You know, you have the soul of a doctor. When I studied medicine, they wouldn't admit minorities. Wonder what they would have done with you? Let's not even think about it.
[Gives Vincent a kiss on the cheek.]


Vincent: We're below the city, below the subways. There's a whole world of tunnels and chambers that most people don't even know exists. There are no maps to where we are. It's a forgotten place. But it's warm, and it's safe, and we have all the room we need. So we live here and we try to live as well as we can. And we try to take care of each other. It's our city down here.
Catherine Chandler: What are you doing down here? Why are you here?
Vincent: I was a baby... abandoned... left to die. Someone found me, brought me here to the man who became my father. He took me, he raised me, he taught me everything...and he named me Vincent. That's where I was found, near the hospital, St. Vincent's.
Catherine Chandler: I don't know what to believe.
Vincent: It's all true.


[Opening credits narration]
Vincent: This is where the wealthy and the powerful rule. It is her world...a world apart from mine. Her name...is Catherine. From the moment I saw her, she captured my heart with her beauty, her warmth, and her courage. I knew then, as I know now, she would change my life...forever.
Catherine Chandler: He comes from a secret place, far below the city streets, hiding his face from strangers, safe from hate and harm. He brought me there to save my life...and now, wherever I go, he is with me, in spirit. For we have a bond stronger than friendship or love. And although we cannot be together, we will never, ever be apart.


Catherine Chandler: [referring to Vincent] Father, I just want you to know. I would never hurt him. I love him.
Father: I know. I also know it can only bring him unhappiness.
Catherine Chandler: Why do you say that?
Father: Because part of him is a man.


Father: She can only bring you unhappiness.
Vincent: Then I'll be unhappy!


Father: [referring to Vincent's relationship with Catherine] I sometimes feel that I'm standing on the bank of a raging river watching you try to swim across. How can I not worry? I'd be a fool. And yet, Vincent, sometimes I have to marvel at your courage.
Vincent: Catherine swims across that river as well. She faces the same dangers, shows the same courage. And in many ways the toll on her is even greater.
Father: You really think that's so?
Vincent: On the other side of the river there is no one standing on the bank watching. On her side of the river there is no one praying for a safe passage. On her side of the river, Father, there is no one but Catherine.
Father: Then I shall stand watch, and pray, for both of you.


Devin: I've been having these dreams lately, about the tunnels. Weird, isn't it? I've been to Casablanca, the Himalayas, Paris...all over the world. Everywhere south of Oz and north of Shangri-La! And I dream...about a hole in the ground.
Vincent: It's not so weird, when that hole in the ground is home.


Vincent: Every year they ask for the same stories. By now they must know them better than you do.
Father: Well, you know, old stories are rather like old friends. Every once in a while, you have to drop in on them, just to see how they're doing.


Bridget: The night has a special magic to it, don't you think? This night, especially.
Vincent: Halloween.
Bridget: In the Old Religion they call it Samhain. It's a night when the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth. A night of masks and balefires, when anything is possible and nothing is quite as it seems. Your city has its own magic as well.


Vincent: Catherine, I don't know what will happen now.
Catherine Chandler: You must promise me one thing; that you'll share it with me. Whatever happens, whatever comes.
Vincent: Whatever happens, whatever comes...know that I love you.


Mitch Denton: I can't forget. And only God forgives.

Fri, Sep. 16th, 2005, 10:15 pm
kutira: Nice pics

Those pics look like they come from the series. I have it on video; do you think it ever came out in DVD? And why is nobody else interested in this? Curious.

Fri, Sep. 16th, 2005, 12:49 pm
jadzia77: Pics

I decided to post a few caps I found on the net. The quality isn't very good cause I tried to make them bigger, but they're still worth looking at.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Have fun staring!

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