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This community is for Beauty & Beast fans
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Welcome to the Beauty and the Beast community. People can talk about the Disney version or any other version they know. However, it will be principally for the TV series (this ran from 1987 to the early 90s). Anyone wishing to share their knowledge and memories of the series, feel free. Now, as I've seen posted so many times and I feel it is necessary here, rules:

1 Absolutely NO flaming of other members or of the community. Violation of this rule will not be tolerated.

2. All pictures that are larger than 500x500 or multiple pictures must be placed in an LJ cut. If you have Icons to showcase please only put 3 of your icons in the post and place the rest behind an LJ cut. This is only to keep the community spam free. (also, some people have slow computers, so it's easier for them if the pictures are not too numerous, so that the page doesn't load too slowly).


Should you choose not to follow these rules there will be serious consequences:

Strike 1...A warning
Strike 2...You will be Temporarily kicked Out For One Month
Strike 3...Thanks for playing! You will be permanently banned

Now, start joining and start posting!